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Falconsight™ Infrared Night Vision Monocular

Falconsight™ Infrared Night Vision Monocular

Falconsight™ Infrared Night Vision Monocular

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Falconsight™ BOBLOV Hand-held digital night vision monocular comprises of high-quality electronics and optics. It utilizes an infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor, providing outstanding image quality. The infrared illuminator allows up to 218 yards viewing distance in the dark. Fully multi-coated optics increase light transmission.

You can view your subject at day or night, and you can also record its image with a micro SD card. It also includes a video output port that allows connecting video or computer equipment.


1. The digital monocular with a CMOS sensor can achieve a clear field of view of 5 times optical magnification and 8 times digital zoom through a 40mm objective lens.

2. The built-in infrared illuminator allows you to observe the target in complete darkness, with a maximum range of 656 feet.

3. CCD auxiliary lighting can keep the image clear and bright. In daylight or dim light, the viewing distance is infinite.

4. Digital night vision has photo shooting and video recording with sound, and playback function on 1.5-inch TFT LCD.

6. You can connect the computer via a USB cable, and connect the TV via a TV cable. It is also equipped with USB and AV OUT sockets, allowing you to share images and videos to home and social media.

7. The monocular telescope has a threaded tripod mount and a woven rail for fixing to a tripod or connecting other IR illuminators.

8. Suitable for hunting and reconnaissance games; safety and surveillance; camping fun; exploring caves; night navigation; night fishing and boating; wildlife observation; search and rescue; night performance; bird watching; scenery.

9. Tight assembly protection allows it to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

10. Completely sealed and filled with nitrogen to make it have anti-fog and anti-rain functions, which can prevent moisture and dust from entering the monocular.

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Hunting, Scouting game
Security and surveillance
Camping fun/exploring caves
Nighttime navigation
Night fishing and boating
Wildlife observation
Search and rescue


Camera type: ultra-low illumination CMOS

Field of view: 5°x 3.75°

Minimum working illumination: 0.01 lux

Visible distance under low illumination: 2.5m-infinity under natural starlight

Observation distance (dark environment): 5m~200m

Display image resolution: 300,000 pixels 640 x 480

Camera pixels: 300,000 pixels SD

Low illumination infrared power: 1W850μm

Objective lens size: 40mm


Packing List:

1x AV video cable,

1x USB cable,

1x power adapter,

1x bag, 1x accessory bag,

1x operating instructions,

1x handle strap,

1x cleaning cloth.


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